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William (Bill) S. Winston is a visionary leader with an insightful awareness of what people need to succeed and how he can empower them for success. Some years back, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a meeting at Grace Fellowship Church on New Year's Eve night, God spoke to my heart to start Bill Winston Ministries. It was to be a ministry that would operate based on faith in God's Word, teaching people how to unhook from the systems of this world and live in dominion over its evil controlling powers. Our main focus was to teach God's people who they are, what they have, and how to get it. We have faithfully followed this mandate and now we're beginning to see the great harvest.

The goal of the Joseph Center® is to provide a virtual "one-stop" shop for entrepreneurs and business development. As you may be aware, Joseph was called by God and was blessed in the area of business and government. God raised Joseph out of slavery and made all that he did to prosper.

Believers Walk of Faith is the international television and radio broadcast of Bill Winston Ministries. Television and radio are Bill Winston Ministries greatest outreach tools in sharing the Word of God. The Believers Walk of Faith program is currently airing in major television and radio outlets worldwide

Welcome to Training For Reigning. This is the how-to portion of our web presentation that we hope will bless you and allow you to be more of a blessing to others as you train to reign.
Training For Reigning is defined as training Believers to take dominion over every area in their lives.